Do you dream of winter adventures beyond the same old European resorts? Then welcome aboard, we must be kindred spirits. After years of skiing in The Alps and North America our perpetually inquisitive minds faced a conundrum: how could we continue to quench this thirst for the white stuff without offending our adventurous nature? Different Snow was born.

We offer two types of travel: alternative ski holidays, and winter activity holidays to the Arctic region. For us, though, it isn’t all just about skiing, snowboarding, husky driving or snowmobiling - that’s exactly the point. Wherever we are, we like to experience something of the soul and individuality of that place; after all, having travelled all that way, why choose between culture and great snow when you can have both?

We’re ATOL protected, meaning your money is safe, and we have first-hand experience of each destination. We’ve thought about you, whether you’re a nervous newbie or brazen adventurer, and if we don’t like something, or we don’t believe it is right for you, we simply won’t suggest it. Think of us as up-front, honest guardians rather than sugar-coating sales spinners. Whether you’re travelling as a couple or with family or friends, and whether your budget is tight or limitless, we want to share our findings and help you experience the big white world out there just waiting to be explored.

Nick Coates


No one has a nose for snow quite like Nick. Years in the travel industry have left him with some seriously enviable memories, yet he is never happier than when he wakes up to fresh snow. His obsession has led him from the Andean peaks of Chile and Argentina to the floodlit Arctic pistes of Finland. He lived and skied in Japan in the '90s, before outsiders knew of the powder bounty, and spent several years living as a ski bum in New Zealand. He's accidentally snowmobiled into Russia from northern Norway, slept through the northern lights countless times and lost his skis in Iceland (long story). Bringing a wealth of experience to anyone longing for ‘different snow’, and fuelled by his passions - travel, skiing and adventure - he created the travel company he always dreamed of.

Rob Stokes


Problem: a new young family (lovely as they are) have put paid to carefree spending and a criminal number of winter holidays. Solution: set up your own company with a friend; then skiing, snowmobiling and dog-sledding suddenly becomes ‘work’. Affectionately nicknamed "the geek on skis" by Different Snow co-founder Nick, Rob is a techie with a penchant for powder. He and Nick have weathered the storms of the travel industry together for almost 15 years, with Rob creating websites since the early days of the web.

Why travel with Different Snow?

Because we love the snow, are passionate about travel and believe that being a good tour operator is all about ...


We don't sell anything 'off the shelf' because we believe you'll have a better time if your holiday is designed around you: your destination; your pace; your budget; your style.


It's very simple: our livelihood depends on your happiness. We aim to sniff out the best places and then make sure you get better service from us than you will from anyone else. Our number one priority is that you come home full of the joys of travelling with Different Snow. We'd love to have you back again.


Take it from us, not every travel company has our luxury of client relationships based on respect and openess, but then again we don't have sales managers looming over us and measuring targets. We want you to see us as your go-to snow gurus, and for that reason we've chosen to focus only on the places we know and love. So you can always count on us for up-to-date knowledge and an honest answer!

"It was that local know-how which made all the difference. As you know, we'd considered doing it ourselves but we're both now so delighted we didn't go down that path. We'd have missed so many of the activities which made the holiday."

Mark Newby (Keswick, UK)


Value for money is at the forefront of our minds - both as travellers and as tour operators. We monitor all of our partner agents and hotels to make sure you get a good deal. Our commitment to providing the best value is such that if you find a company selling an identical holiday to the one we have put together for you at a lower price, we'll gladly match it.


Whatever you choose to do on your Different Snow holiday, you can rest assured that everything from our hotels to our guides has undergone a rigorous health and safety check before being added to our books. We want to be sure you're in the safest hands there are.


As admirers of the natural white world, we always try to do our bit when it comes to this incredible planet of ours, and we seek out partners who share our thinking. We would also encourage you to respect the country you visit, whether that's observing rules regarding no-go areas or showing courtesy to the locals.

Financial Security

We have no intention of going under (unless it's a big pile of snow), but you can take confidence from us being fully ATOL bonded and registered with the TTA (Travel Trust Association), meaning that your money is protected, whatever your holiday arrangements.