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    Heading out on snowmobiles from Inari village

This snowmobile safari will take you to various famous local sites for the Sámi people. First you visit the old Sámi church in Pielpajärvi - also called as the wilderness church - and then its on to Ukonkivi: a rocky ancient Sámi sacrificial island. You drive the snowmobiles on the frozen Lake Inari, which is also known as  'Sea of Sámi'. During the safari you stop for coffee and snacks beside an open fire, to warm up. This tour takes almost four hours and we need a minimum of four people to operate.

All the necessary equipment is provided (thermo-overall, mittens, socks, boots, balaclava & helmet) and insurance for the snowmobile is covered. However, the driver of the snowmobile is held liable for damages caused to the vehicle to a max of €800. You can either drive alone or you can have a travel companion on board as a passenger (wrap up warm!) and, in these instances, it is usually possible to switch drivers during the safari. You must hold a valid driving license to take the controls and children can ride as passengers or, alternatively, the younger kids are placed in a sled behind the guides snowmobile on shorter safaris.