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    Heading in to the Lapp back-country on snow mobiles

We can organise snow mobile trips, from just a couple of hours on an easy introductory course to epic full day adventures. Let us know what you're after and we will set it up for you, only using the most experienced, professional, safety conscious providers -  and those with the latest equipment. If you are a novice, then there's no going back once you've had a go - you'll be hooked. Heading deep in to the Lapp wilderness on these machines is a ridiculous amount of fun. 

For those who don't fancy driving there is always the opportunity to sit on the back - just make sure you have wrapped up warm. We provide outer suits, helmets, balaclavas, thick mittens and winter boots, you ensure you have plenty of under layers on. It really does get cold.

We can hire snow mobiles for you, but only for those with the experience, know-how and the confidence to head out on your own. Before starting off, you'd need to get a snowmobile map which shows you the routes, service and fuelling points. You must stay on the track and be considerate towards others - and then the snowmobile will swiftly take you to explore some amazing winterscapes. Having said that, we would always recommend you join a guided snow mobile safari, they know the best places and take care of all the practicalities.

Both on an organised trip or when hiring your own - the driver of a snowmobile must hold a valid driving licence and the speed limit is strictly 80km/h on open routes, 60km/h on forest routes and 30km/h in populated areas, villages and danger zones. Pay attention to the traffic signs; they indicate the speed limits. Your speed and distance should first and foremost match your own experience and skills. In addition, the drink-drive limit as laid out in the Road Traffic Act must be obeyed.  Wearing a helmet is mandatory.