• darkblurbg
    Same snow...different gear.

Ylläs is the epicentre of the known universe for cross-country skiing. Indeed, the Finns will look at you with pity as you lug your fat, alpine skis to and from the slopes. They prefer the long, thin variety. And surely, this is your ideal opportunity to give it a go. There are miles and miles of beautiful tracks surrounding  Ylläs, just waiting to be explored.

All of the tracks are suitable for both 'classic' and 'free' techniques and, if you don't yet understand what this means, the ski school will take you out for a lesson - either 90 minutes or 180 minutes. Enough for you to get your bearings on these thin, straight skis. Of course, equipment rental is also not a problem and they also wax and maintain the skis according to the weather. 

One of our favourite things about cross-country skiing in Finland are the little trail cafés. But, perhaps that says more about us?!