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No trip to Finland would ever be complete without a husky safari - be it a couple of hours for a taster, or for a full day crossing frozen lakes, forested fells and snow-heavy landscapes. After an invariably noisy introduction to these gorgeous and energetic Alaskan huskies, you receive plenty of instruction. There is usually two to a sled - one driving, and then the passenger, probably taking a ridiculous amount of photos...and then swap. The commands to the dogs are easy and the controls to the sleigh are rudimentary, yet effective. The dogs will invariably set off in a frenzy of excitement, but  soon settle into a steady pace and the silence of the wilds will be broken only by the gentle whisper of the sled’s runners and the footfalls of paws on the snow. Different from a noisy snow mobile, the absolute joy of journeying by husky is that you  get the chance to enjoy the serene isolation of the untouched terrain. 

There are a variety of trips available. Let Different Snow know when, how long for and how intrepid you are feeling and we'll find the right excursion for you and your travelling companions. Warm out clothes are provided, but ensure you have plenty of layers to keep on below. You don't need to be super fit - just love dogs and the cold fresh air!  

The companies we use offer a range of trips, varying in length and location. Evening safaris deliberately contrived to search for the northern lights away from the light pollution are possible.