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    Is there such a thing as too much powder?!

Book a day out with our experienced and locally savvy backcountry guides. Depending on the conditions and your level, they'll find the best snow in the Hakuba Valley.

Happo may be the most popular mountain in Hakuba, but if you know where to look it also offers rewarding backcountry skiing when the weather is calm, with deep, fluffy bowls and exciting terrain for intrepid souls. If it’s a little unsettled, Cortina or Tsugaile Kogen are your best bets. In our view, backcountry skiing is the ultimate pleasure, but Hakuba is strict on venturing away from the pistes – and with good reason. Our guides are experts in the landscape and have safety as their number one priority; wherever you find yourself, you’ll be much more at ease with them at the helm.

You need to bring avalanche safety equipment - beacon, shovel, probe...but these can be hired locally. All backcountry tour participants are asked to attend a pre-tour briefing the day prior. This briefing will be a chance to meet your guide, go over routes, organise gear and rentals and cover the following days schedule.