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    A classic Japanese dinner service

We'll arrange that you meet your cook-for-the-day at a central point in Kyoto, from where you'll make your way to a cooking studio - which is in a renovated Machiya (traditional wooden townhouse). The style of cooking will depend on whether you opted for the morning or afternoon class; 

Morning classes will focus on creating a Bento style lunch - a typical boxed style lunch set, very popular with office workers and also frequently seen on the trains. The closest equivalent would be our packed-lunch, but the culinary experience is transformed and significantly enhanced in Japan. You will make up to 6 dishes and complete a full bento box and of course you will have the chance to try your tasty creations afterwards. The morning class will also include some Japanese green tea tasting​ and saké - it's never too early! 

Opt for the afternoon class, and you'll learn how to cook traditional Kappo-style. Kappo literally means to cut up and cook by fire, and comes from the traditional Japanese cooking methods of cutting, boiling, stewing & frying. Kappo is also very heavily dependent on the seasonality of food, the quality of ingredients and the presentation of the dishes. In this course you will cook up to 6 dishes, tasting each dish right after you cooked it as Kappo is also about serving the food to your guests as soon as it is ready.  This course also has Japanese tea and the inevitable saké tastings.