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    Maiko entertaining guests in a restaurant

Kyoto is famous for its temples, but even more so for its geisha, and tonight you have a chance to meet and dine with a 'Geiko', as Geisha are called in Kyoto, or a 'Maiko', an apprentice Geisha. 

The evening will begin with a walking tour through some of Kyoto’s geisha districts, where your guide will explain about the geisha’s world - past, present and future. If you are lucky you will have the chance to see a Geiko as they head to the first appointment of the evening. After the walk, you check in to a small private restaurant, where you can enjoy an exquisite dinner in the company of a Geiko (or Maiko). With the help of your guide/interpreter, you will be able to ask questions about the Geiko and their world. The food on this occasion will be a traditional multi course kaiseki meal, another great introduction to the rich culture of Kyoto. 

The Geiko (or Maiko) will also perform historic dances and invite you to play authentic Japanese drinking games. This is a special night of amazing food and traditional entertainment, and great photo opportunities.