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    The tea house at Koshikawa

Your guide/interpreter will meet you at your hotel and, together, you'll transfer by taxi to the private house of an experienced and welcoming 'Tea Master', knowledgeable of the Japanese tea ceremony, Cha no Yu. It's time to ask all your questions and learn all about this traditional art, with interpretation coming via the guide. You get a full explanation of Japanese tea and tea ceremony, its long history and the close relationship it has with Zen Buddhism. The Tea Master will also explain the meaning behind each movement involved in the making and serving of the tea. You will be able to try your hand at making tea, before enjoying your Tea Master’s green tea, accompanied with some Japanese confectionery. 

The guide/interpreter will then escort you back to your hotel. This tour will take circa two and a half hours and can be organised to suit you at any time through the day, though not in the evening.