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    Universal Studios, near Osaka

Escape the hectic city for a day in favour of other worlds, and allow yourself to be immersed in the excitement of some of history’s favourite blockbusters. When it opened in 2001, Universal Studios Japan quickly became the most successful new theme park in history, with 11 million visitors in its first year. Rides will transport you to the centre of the action – whether coming face-to-face with JAWS on a nerve-racking boat journey, scaling skyscrapers with Spiderman, or flying over Hogwarts with Harry Potter. There are also hundreds of shows, restaurants, shops and street performers sure to keep the whole family entertained all day.

Tickets (studio passes) are available at the ticket booths - just check with us to ensure it's open and that you're not in the middle of a major holiday, when advance purchase becomes necessary. We'll give you directions on how to get there from either Osaka (closer) or Kyoto (further).