This fascinating open air museum breathes life into all those beautiful Edo period building you’ve been admiring on your walks around Takayama. Hida is a reproduction of a typical Edo period (1603 – 1867) village, created using genuine original houses which were relocated from the surrounding area. There are various buildings, including gassho-zukuri farm houses (so named as their thatched roofs resemble hands clasped in prayer – ‘gassho’), storehouses and an authentic village chief’s house – all of which are open to be explored. The fires are lit every morning to create a true-to-life feel, not to mention provide a bit of warmth! There’s also a Crafts Experience Centre where you can learn about traditional past-times such as beading, ceramics and doll-making. Hida is a half hour walk or 10 minute bus journey from central Takayama, and it provides a valuable insight for anyone interested in the history of the region.