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    Tetsuro Shimaguchi's sword class

Today you will get the chance to learn how to fight with a samurai sword from one of Japan’s most famous sword artists - Tetsuro Shimaguchi. Shimaguchi was the head choreographer in Tarantino’s Kill Bill:Volume One, choreographing Uma Thurman’s final climatic fight scene in the snowy garden. He also played the role of Miki, the first punk to fall to Uma’s sword in that scene. 

Shimaguchi is also a leading member of Kamui, a Japanese sword performance troupe whose unique style of sword performance with detailed sword moves and high-level technique is breathtaking to watch. They are active in collaborating with artists from different genres such as Japanese traditional instruments (Japanese drums, shamisen etc.), rock and trance music.  Shimaguchi is one of only a handful of professional sword fight choreographers in Japan today, making this a very unique experience!

In today’s lesson, you will learn basic movements in sword fighting, including drawing, posing and swinging. You will then have chance to try out your new moves by practicing sword fighting in pairs.