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    The Fujiko Museum

Fujiko Museum was opened in honour of comic cartoonist Fujiko F. Fujio, who created popular characters for Japanese manga series including 'Doraemon', 'Perman' and 'Obake no Q-taro'. As well as range of exhibits featuring his characters and a cinema showing cartoons, the museum also provides an interesting look at his work and life, displaying original drawings alongside his personal books and cameras. His studio has also been reproduced exactly as it was when he was alive. When you book a ticket, you will be given a time slot for entry (miss it at your peril); but once you’re inside you can take as long as you like to look around. If you love anime and manga it’s a must, but we think most people would appreciate the portrait-of-an-artist type insight.

The ticket office is found here and tickets become available for the following two months (only) become available on the 30th of each month. We'll work together to see if we can secure you a pass...but (domestic) demand is strong!