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    Sanrio Putoland in Tokyo

Love it or hate it, Hello Kitty has achieved world domination, popping up everywhere from stationary to mobile phone covers and children’s luggage. ‘Kawaii’, or ‘cute’, is big in Japan, and Sanrio Company dominates the market with their characters and merchandise. Twinkly, twee, and somewhat surreal, Kitty World is a haven for fans, with everything from rides and restaurants to live shows. You’ll even have chance to go inside Kitty’s House, where you can inspect her bags and jewellery, and admire her Kitty-shaped possessions in the form of a bath tub, computer and TV. Many of Sanrio’s other characters also feature, including Kerroppi, My Melody, Jewelpet, Badtz Maru and Cinnamoroll.

You'll need to get yourself to Sanrio Puroland - It’s only a 5 minute walk from Tama Center Station on the Keio Line, Odakyu Line and Tama Monorail line. We'll provide the directions from your hotel - the rest is up to you. It's not open every day - quite often on a Thursday it's closed and several other random days. Check with us (or here) before heading out.