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    The Japanese and Disney - a match made in heaven!

Given the glee with which Japan has opened its arms to Disney, it’s no surprise that the studio chose Tokyo as the location for its first-ever non-American park 30 years ago. DisneyLand, and the newer DisneySea – opened in 2001 – remain as popular as ever. Though it might be disconcerting when you first meet Japanese Mickey, who’ll greet you at the gates with a friendly “konnichiwa”, you’ll soon settle in and discover old favourites at DisneyLand, with hours of fun to be had at Adventureland, Westernland, Fantastyland and Tomorrowland. Nautical themed DisneySea features more unique rides, including lots of good ones for adults.

Day passes are available for both parks. We'll tell you how to get tickets and provide directions out of Tokyo to Maihama, where Tokyo Disney is locted.