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    An alternate view of Tokyo

Strap on some comfy walking shoes and get ready to be enlightened, courtesy of renowned photographer and Tokyo expert Jon Sheer. His walking tour reaps double rewards – the chance to learn from a long-time resident as well as the opportunity to come home with some wonderful photographs thanks to Jon’s guidance and knowledge.

The route varies, but always takes in various facets of the city, from the ancient temples and geishas of Asakusa to the modern glass and steel creation that is Tokyo International Forum. You’ll snap glorious gardens, busy markets and architectural masterpieces; you’ll cruise along the Samuda River, and have a bird’s eye view over the city for sunset, before diving in to the neon haze of Kabukicho and a wander around the characterful old alleys of Goldengai.

Jon also leads half and full day photography tours to the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. Lunch is included during his tours, as are all applicable admission fees. Other incidental expenses (dinner, drinks..etc) are not.