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    Tsukiji in the early morning

Tokyo’s precious fish market is said to be the biggest in the world; and it’s also one of the oldest, having been in business since the 1600s. You only need to step inside a restaurant to appreciate the scale of fishing here, and this bustling market is where it all starts (at 3am, we might add!). It’s worth an early morning to witness the interactions between fishermen, market traders, top chefs and even a few keen Tokyoites. It all seems quite hectic, but don’t be fooled: everyone knows their game - it’s a well-rehearsed performance, utterly fascinating to see.

If you don’t want to brave the early morning, it’s great for a sea-fresh sushi or sashimi breakfast from about 9am. Visitor numbers are limited and open days change, so do let us help you plan your visit. We can organise a guide for the excursion, accompanying you on the train from your hotel and talking you through the various sights, sounds and smells before taking you for a sushi breakfast and leaving you to get on with your Tokyo sightseeing. Alternatively, you could explore under your own steam - but you need our help planning.