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    Kimonos in Tokyo

Sightseeing in the Asakusa district of Tokyo...whilst wearing a traditional kimono. What's not to like?! Consisting of a long, T shaped robe and a sash called an obi which is used to tie the kimono around your waist, kimonos are still worn by Japanese (both men and women) on special occasions, most notably weddings. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel, and after making your way to a local home, you will change into your kimono. The guide will explain to you about the kimono’s long and interesting history as she dresses you. After you are dressed, you will go for a short stroll in Asakusa, which is part of Tokyo’s Shitamachi, or old town. 

After the stroll you will change back into your normal clothes, and with your guide, you will explore Asakusa in more detail. Visit Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. The temple’s main gate, Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is one of the iconic images of Tokyo. The streets around Sensoji have many traditional shops selling Japanese crafts and souvenirs and are a delight to wander through. Asakusa is also home to Tokyo’s oldest and last remaining geisha district. 

After sightseeing in the area with your local guide, they will put you in the right direction so you can make way back to your hotel or next sightseeing spot.

This tour operates on every day other than Wednesday and usually takes the full morning.