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    The Ledge, above Queenstown

No Queenstown holiday would be complete without a bunjy jump. Sorry - it's almost considered compulsory.  We like to use the Ledge - uniquely positioned close to Queenstown, just a hop, skip and a gondola ride from the centre of town. Here they allow you to put your own twist on Bungy Jumping. and if you don’t fancy a twist, how about a flip, handstand or even the 'Matrix'? Their specially designed harnesses allows you to Bungy in a variety of styles listed on our ‘Jump Menu’. The Ledge is also available for night bungy. Don't want to bungy? The alternative is to take the 'swing' option - a rough-as-guts style ride, which involves you having to release yourself.

Another option in the Nevis Bungy -  New Zealand's BIGGEST Bungy. Its further from the town, but a 15 minute helicopter ride takes care of that!