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    Dog-sledding in the evening near Geilo

Every Thursday evening you can go dog-sledding in the dark. You start by following a torchlight trail to the camp in Ustedalsfjord, where you sit around the camp fire whilst waiting for the husky team to arrive. Once here (you'll hear them before you see them!) , you are given a headlight and instructions on how to drive your own team of dogs, before you disappear into the dark, with a experienced dog driver on the first sled. You can follow either the three mile or longer seven mile route in Ustedalsfjord.

After the trip its time to sit around the fireplace, with hot drinks and a little Norwegian snack - asking questions and learning more about dog-sledding, the huskies and the Arctic wilderness.

Your guide will provide plenty of instruction and then introduce you to these friendly, but ever-so excited dogs. They will ensure you are comfortable before heading out. It's two to a sleigh - one driving, the other probably taking copious amounts of photographs whilst clinging on for dear life. You will have opportunity to switch roles as frequently as you like. The important instructions for the driver include shouted commands for the lead dogs, how to lean in to corners and the judicious use of the drag brake. You need to slow them down!