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    As much fun as you can have in the snow!

Nearby Dagali is the region for snowmobiling - they have created tracks on which up to eight scooters at a time can zip around. They use Yamaha Phazers - lightweight one-­seated snowmobiles which navigate these demanding tracks with turns, jumps and long stretches where you can pick up good speed. No experience with snowmobiles are required, but will need to show a drivers licence - sorry kids.

You could enjoy a snowmobile drag race - they have 140 HP and does 0­ - 100 km/h in about 3 seconds and it's possible to race two snowmobiles against each other for a real adrenaline rush. If you do not have experience with snowmobiles, drag racing should be undertaken only after practising on the track.

They also can head out on safaris - the tour starts at Dagali Airport and runs by Pålsbufjorden in Nore and Uvdal - the final destination where hot drinks are served.