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Simple fact; the most and the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

An unforgettable combination of awe-inspiring mountains, Latin culture and some of the best untracked powder in the world. You'll find plenty to challenge in legendary,

In Chile you'll find world-class ski resorts and a well-established ski culture. They have the best off-piste. You'll find the most dramatic mountain scenery in Chile. And then there's the wine. There you go – six good reasons to seriously re-think your summer holidays! The ski resorts are perched up high in the Andes mountains and consequently there’s real drama involved here, from the spectacular hairpin-strewn approach roads to the awesome constant backdrop of towering peaks.

Ski Resorts in Chile

The Andes Mountains, which rise to create the border between Chile and Argentina are the reason you are here and, without any need for hyperbole, create extraordinarily impressive scenery. We tend to focus on the larger fully-fledged resorts in the central zone of Chile, where you’ll enjoy ease of access from Santiago, varied terrain and better accommodation.

The Ski Season

The ski season in Chile takes you through four months, from mid June until mid October. However, we emphatically promote August or September as the best time to travel due to the near-perfect snow conditions, blue skies and quieter slopes. July can be tricky because of the Chilean, Argentinean and (most notably) Brazilian national holidays; super-high prices, slopes packed with (poor) skiers and precious little availability at the hotels. 

Why Chile?

Incapable of spending a whole summer off the slopes? Then indulge your skiing-self with some Different Snow. What makes it so good is…

Powder snow

They have plenty of it on these high Andean peaks (some of which are volcanoes!) and it’s often so quiet you can make fresh tracks all day. They’ve been keeping this a secret for years!

Varied terrain

The snow falls on some magically diverse terrain – steep pitches, deep bowls and heart rate affecting gullies a-plenty. The edges of the resorts provide some of the most challenging lift accessed off-piste skiing you’ll find anywhere in the world. You’ve skied nothing quite like it in Europe.

World-class ski resorts

Skiing is longer established in Chile than any other Southern Hemisphere country. And it’s still expanding – new investment means new runs and expanded operations.


It’s easy to get to ski resorts Different Snow feature from Santiago. Yes, it’s a long schlep to get there but once you’ve done the long-haul flight…

It’s Chile (and it’s different!)

Have a ski holiday and experience the Latin culture all at the same time. Ski holiday? Tick. Powder snow? Tick. The Earth’s highest, driest desert with turquoise lakes? Rolling vineyards and pretty coastal towns? Both tick. Some of the nicest, happiest people you’ll ever meet? Big fat tick.

Suggested Itineraries

Our private, tailor-made journeys offer complete freedom of choice – there are no set departure dates or prices. The following are suggested itineraries only, shown to give you a flavour of what is possible and each can be tailored to suit your preferences. When it comes to price, you tell us your budget and we'll aim to keep within this.

In each itinerary, the ski resort can be swapped around. Different Snow can include ski hire, lift passes, backcountry tours, cultural excursions and activities, accommodation and transfers ... and because we are ATOL bonded, we can also include your international flights.

Ski Portillo Packages

Duration: one week

One week packages staying at the Portillo Hotel, in South America's most internationally renowned ski resort. Different Snow can provide the transport, the accommodation, the lift pass and all the extras you wish to include.

from £1,995 per person

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Ski Valle Nevado Packages

Duration: one week

A full ski week based in Valle Nevado – the centre-piece resort of the Tres Valles. We can arrange transfers from the airport and book your accommodation, plus lift passes and ski hire package. Extensions possible.

from £2,295 per person

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Chilean Ski Experience

Duration: two weeks

For those who focus obsessively on the snow, then this is the Chile itinerary for you. The three major resorts – Portillo, Valle Nevado and Nevados de Chillán – are all included, along with a night in the capital, Santiago.

from £3,785 per person

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The Ultimate Chilean Ski Safari

Duration: 11 days

When a client asks for the 'ultimate' experience, this is our default go-to itinerary. The trip climaxes with several days heli-skiing in Puma Lodge, but not before you've experienced cat-skiing at Arpa and Portillo's legendary off-piste.

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Mountains, Desert & Ski

Duration: two weeks

For mountains, there are no more spectacular than those in Patagonia. For desert, then the Atacama is the driest on the planet. For skiing, we offer you a choice of Valle Nevado, Portillo or Corralco. An awesome itinerary.

from £3,985 per person

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Wine, Desert, Coast & Ski

Duration: two weeks

This itinerary has it all; stay overnight at a vineyard, explore Valparaiso's colourful streets, several days in San Pedro de Atacama and time to explore the capital, Santiago. A full week's skiing in Corralco is the highlight.

from £3,995 per person

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Prices are indicative only and include accommodation (low season), lift passes, transfers and – because we are ATOL-bonded – your flights from the UK. Different Snow can also include ski hire, backcountry and off-piste tours, rail passes, private transfers, English-speaking guides, cultural excursions and activities.


Capital:  Santiago

Time zone:  GMT - 3 hrs

Currency:  Chilean Peso

Language:  Spanish

Ski Season:  From mid-June until mid-October

Largest Ski Resorts: Valle Nevado, La Parva, Portillo, Nevados de Chillán and Corralco

Access:  All flights arrive in Santiago Airport (SCL). Most of the ski resorts are then only a road transfer away in the Andes mountains.

Beyond the skiing:  You will be passing through Santiago, so some time here is worthwhile. Surrounding the capital is beautiful winelands and several characterful coastal towns. Further afield, the Atacama Desert and mountainous Patagonia combine and contrast well in an itinerary.

Places to Visit

We simply adore Chile and, therefore, we’d encourage you to try include some exploration and sightseeing to sit alongside your time on the ski slopes. It may be just several days of Latin-laced city life in the capital Santiago, though there is so much more to this preposterously thin and unreasonably long country. The worlds’ driest desert in the north gives way to fertile valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests, massive glaciers and eventually, deep fjords in the south. Nature here is on an awesome scale and for those of us who love to get out there in amongst it, this is a country which ranks alongside New Zealand and Canada for it’s all around … epicness! Is that a word? It should be.