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Skiing in Iceland? It stands to reason ... paradise found!

Iceland's second city, the skiing and snowboarding is realised through ski touring, truly epic cat and heli operations and a handful of charming and intimate ski resorts.  

A small but perfectly formed island just south of the Arctic Circle, blanketed in snow every winter. Surely it is home to some genuinely epic skiing and snowboarding? Well, of course it is. We count ten permanent ski fields across the island though, after some extensive on-the-slopes research, we have zero'd in on those that can justify the trips. Throw in the heli skiing, cat skiing and ski touring focused around the on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland - then you've chanced upon one of the ski worlds' best kept secrets. It is an area of dramatic coastal landscapes with a distinct local culture and flavour.

Ski Resorts in Iceland

Different Snow feature the mountainous region in Northern Iceland surrounding Eyjafjördur Fjord. This is where you’ll find the Troll Peninsula and the best skiing in Iceland. There are five ski-pass linked floodlit ski resorts up here, and whether you are a nervous novice or gnarly extreme adventurer, we’ll be able to create a tailor-made itinerary to suit. There are boundless opportunities for backcountry skiing on the Troll Peninsula, this is also Iceland’s centre for ski touring, cat-skiing and heli-skiing operations. Fresh tracks are easily found late in to the season. 

The Ski Season

Being so far north, the ski season can extend from mid-November through until May – that’s right, the snow conditions remain favourable well into Spring. With a gun put to our head, we’d zero in on February and March as the months with the best conditions. But you could and should consider Northern Iceland for a full six months of the year.

Why Iceland?

With your spirit of adventure and a penchant for the alternative, you find yourself bound for Iceland, with ski gear packed away in the hold of the plane. Let’s examine the reasons why…

The beautiful Troll Peninsula…

…is a skier’s nirvana. Whether you limit yourself to the several small ski resorts or instead prefer to head out in to the limitless backcountry, this undiscovered finger of Iceland can only be described as utterly spectacular.

You have the slopes to yourself

Notwithstanding the friendly and welcoming weekend-skiing locals, the compact little ski resorts are all yours. Knock yourselves out!

Heli-skiing and ski-touring doesn’t get better

Here, on the Troll Peninsula, 90% of the terrain is skiable. There are hardly any cliff faces and even fewer flat spots – it’s as if the backcountry gods had a hand in the design of the mountains. They have slopes for the gnarly pro riders and gentle bowls for the first time heli-skier. And you can ski the vertical all the way down to the ocean, covering over 900m of drop.

Reykjavík is en route

You can’t simply pass through Reykjavík. It’s not that kind of town – it demands your attention. By simply hanging out in a café in the groovy downtown area makes you one of the coolest 1% of people on the planet.

Northern Lights

This most the most elusive and unpredictable of Iceland’s attractions is also its most spectacular.

The long ski season

Whilst the snow pack is predominantly coastal, they are often still skiing well in to the springtime. There is even the occasional powder dump in May.

The friendliest people on the planet. Official.

History tells us that the Icelandic Vikings were less in to raping and plundering and more in to drunken feasting. More recently, a report by the World Economic Forum in 2013 ranked Iceland as the friendliest country in the world to foreign visitors. The UK was 55th and the French were … well, let’s leave that there.

Suggested Itineraries

Our private, tailor-made journeys offer complete freedom of choice – there are no set departure dates or prices. The following are suggested itineraries only, shown to give you a flavour of what is possible and each can be tailored to suit your preferences. When it comes to price, you tell us your budget and we'll aim to keep within this.

In each itinerary, the ski resort can be swapped around. Different Snow can include ski hire, lift passes, backcountry tours, cultural excursions and activities, accommodation and transfers ... and because we are ATOL bonded, we can also include your international flights.

Prices are indicative only and include accommodation (low season), lift passes, transfers and – because we are ATOL-bonded – your flights from the UK. Different Snow can also include ski hire, backcountry and off-piste tours, rail passes, private transfers, English-speaking guides, cultural excursions and activities.


Capital:  Reykjavík

Time zone:  GMT ± 0 hrs

Currency:  Króna

Language:  Icelandic (English widely spoken)

Ski Season:  Late November until May

Largest Ski Resorts: Hlíðarfjall, Oddsskarð, Bláfjöll and Skálafell

Access:  International flights arrive in to Keflavík Airport (KEF), which is near Reykjavík. The ski fields we feature are near Akureyri (AEY), Iceland's second city requiring a domestic flight from the capital.

Beyond the skiing:  See the Northern Lights, whale-watching, snowmobiling safaris, hot springs, super-jeeps and husky adventures are all options. The landscapes are other-worldly, with frozen waterfalls and dramatic geysers. Reykjavik is a seriously cool city!

Places to Visit

Iceland is our kind of country. This is a land of fire and ice, lava and glaciers, fjords and mountains, bleak landscapes and part-like-there’s-no-tomorrow late nights. There’s simply no time to relax here – the Superjeeps, snowmobiles, helicopters and Icelandic ponies are all primed, waiting to take you out in to raw nature. You’ll discover frozen waterfalls, steaming hot pools, abundant marine and bird life, exploding geysers and bubbling lava. Often the northern lights will be dance above.