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Snow & Beach - Honeymoon

Japanese Ski Resort - Tokyo - Asian Beach

Duration: two weeks

We've been asked to put this together many times, often (but not always) as a honeymoon...and it works wonderfully. Combine the ski resorts of Japan with the beaches of South East Asia - the ski season is a great time to also be in the tropical paradise surrounding the Andaman Sea or South China Sea.  We suggest Thailand or the Philippines, but it doesn't have to be so; Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia work equally well. Or even, for a curve ball, the beaches of Dubai, Oman or Abu Dhabi?

We'll pick which ski resort to use in Japan - we know where the most romantic accommodation is. Alternatively, if the Japan time is 100% focused on powder snow, where know where to find that also!

Because we've worked in the travel industry an awful long time, we have contacts, suggestions and great rates at the resort hotels of Asia, as well as within Japan. Of course, you can check these against the price you are able to get elsewhere - we're confident we'll have favorable rates.

Day 1

Fly from your home country to Japan.

Day 2

You then head directly from the airport to your chosen ski resort. This could be Niseko, up on Hokkaido Island, or the ski-Mecca that is the Hakuba valley, or pretty, authentic & romantic Nozawa Onsen village. Your call - we'll help you choose which ski resort is right for you.

Days 3-7

Five full days skiing or snowboarding. If you are staying on Honshu Island (Nozawa Onsen or Hakuba), you may want to go visit the snow monkeys one day. If up on Hokkaido, then the backcountry beckons...

Day 8

Travel back to Tokyo and check in to your central (and sophisticated) hotel.

Day 9

A full day to explore and enjoy everything that is 'Tokyo'.

Day 10

Fly from Tokyo to Bangkok or Manila, immediately then heading on to the tropical paradises of Phuket / Krabi / Koh Samet / Koh Samui (Thailand) or Boracay / Palawan (Philippines). We can arrange domestic flights, transfers, resort accommdation…the lot!

Days 10-15

A full week (six full days) on the tropical beach.

Day 16

Fly back to Bangkok or Manila and then onwards home.

This is a difficult one to put a price to - there are so many variables and international flight prices can vary dramatically, depending on where you choose to spend your beach time. The best way of working is for you to give us your target budget for the honeymoon (or holiday) and we will cut our cloth accordingly.

Obviously, cost depends on which accommodation you choose, both in the ski resort and, more importantly, when on the beach. An indicative lead-in price for this 16-day itinerary would be substantially north of £3,000 per person, including on moderate accommodation (mid / low season), transfers, lift passes, and international and domestic flights from the U.K.

We don't have to include international flights. However, by keeping it all within one package, your arrangements are protected by ATOL.

Different Snow strive to offer the most competitive prices in all instances. However, we pride ourselves first and foremost on quality - we are an independent specialist tour operator and, therefore, are not beholden to any supplier. We make our decisions based only on who's best in each and every instance.

1. Get in touch with Different Snow

Whether you wish to plan your trip around one of these sample itineraries or you have other ideas, simply get in touch by phone or online. If using our online form, ideally we would like to still try get in contact with you by phone to discuss your requirements, but this is not essential.

2. Let us create a bespoke itinerary

We have the first-hand knowledge, travel industry experience and local contacts required to put your plans into action. We can answer your questions, offer suggestions and advice to suit your tastes and budget. We will carefully design your trip, creating a detailed itinerary which you will receive via email. We can then refine it until you are completely happy.

3. Confirm the arrangements with us

Once you are satisfied with all the arrangements, we ask you to complete a booking form and pay a deposit to secure your trip. Everything is secured once you receive our confirmation invoice. Even after booking, you’ll undoubtedly think of more questions. Feel free to call us at any time!

4. We'll send you your travel documents

Approximately three weeks before travel you will receive your travel documents. We will also provide additional information, such as restaurant recommendations, cultural notes, packing lists and one or two home-spun guides - created through our personal experience.

5. Tell your friends about Different Snow

It is important to us that your holiday exceeds your expectations! Different Snow will continue to grow through personal recommendations and word of mouth and, therefore, it is essential to us that you have a great holiday. We want you to travel with us again. Once you've returned we want to hear all about it and we'll certainly encourage you to tell all your friends!


Capital:  Tokyo

Time zone:  GMT + 9 hrs

Currency:  Yen

Language:  Japanese

Ski Season:  Early December until mid-April

Largest Ski Resorts: Shiga-Kogen is the largest..but we don't feature this ski resort (it's not very good!). Of the resorts Different Snow feature Hakuba, Niseko & Appi Kogen are the largest.

Access:  There are direct flights from the U.K. to Tokyo, either Narita or Haneda airports. Alternatively, it sometimes works out a little cheaper to route via Europe or another Asian city. From Tokyo the wonderful rail network, road transfers or a domestic flight up to Hokkaido Island will get you to the ski resorts.

Beyond the skiing:  Spending time in Tokyo is a must; it is the world's most exciting city. Kyoto is the cultural heart of the country. Get off the beaten track and stay in a ryokan or capsule hotel, visit markets, discover traditional Japanese arts and explore modern otaku culture.